JP CONCEPT srl handles your interest in Italy, and not only, avoiding you many problems linked with exportation of good from Italy (or, more in general from the Country where you buy). For companies who have never imported from Italy, or that import several numbers of suppliers, it could be essential to get advantage from our experience in selecting manufactures and products, in following-up service, organizing and expediting the production , consolidation, custom’s clearance procedures, shipment and payment procedures. 

With our experience, we have created optimal relationship with the most Italian manufacturers. Thanks to our deep knowledge of this field we can help you in finding the best suppliers for your needs, allowing you to get better economic conditions. 

Our portfolio numbers renowned and reliable producers of furniture, building materials, lightings and accessories; we can also get in touch with any other company you request for. We constantly visit the most important exhibitions and fairs all over the world in order to constantly find out new manufacturers and brands to keep us updated with new design and the market.  We negotiate on your behalf to obtain from the producer the best possible in terms of discounts, delivery date and packing, in order to satisfy in the best way your needs. We search for you and together with you the most suitable supplier for your requirement. 

We regularly visit our customers in order to specifically understand their needs, with a study of the market they operate. 


After that you have placed the order, we follow the payment procedures in your behalf; then we organize the groupage of your goods in our warehouse, checking the quality of the packaging and, eventually, reinforced it for a better and safely shipment. 

In details, this means: 

- We are frequently in contact with your suppliers to keep you informed regarding the orders status, or any kind of pending request according to the clear instruction we gave them 

- We can stock in our warehouse the goods of different suppliers, in order to consolidate many different orders in a single shipment. If requested, we perform quality checks of your goods. 


- We find the forwarder that better satisfy a service of quickness and cost-efficiency, and we coordinate with him all the details of the shipment according to your request for the delivery. 

- We pay in advance all the suppliers for you, so that you do not have to pay each single order, but just the consolidate accounting to us. 

- We prepare all the documents needed to comply your customs regulation, in order to make you free of trouble for the custom clearance. So we ensure that all the goods leave with all these documents. 

- After receiving the various suppliers’ invoices, JP CONCEPT will issue one single invoice to you, that encloses all your orders. 

- We forward you all the original documents that you need to clear through customs the goods. 


In JP CONCEPT srl we provide to organize your buying trips. We make responsible for all the problems that occurred during your trip. We take care for every detail, so you can totally concentrate on your business and maximize the time at your disposal. 

We arrange your appointments with the suppliers carefully selected as per your needs. We schedule all your appointments in order to maximize the time at your disposal. We provide to search and book for you the most comfortable location, near to the fairs you intend to visit, or to the supplier you want to meet. We place at your disposal a car driver for your local trips and we can take care of booking train or plane for longer distance. 


In JP CONCEPT srl we support your stay in Italy with our staff, making our best to make it as nice as possible for you. 

- We assist you in your visit trade fair, in Italy, and , if you need, also in the most important fairs in Europe or wherever you need; we accompany you to exposition or to the producers. - We help you to negotiate to get the best price with the suppliers, or we can negotiate on your behalf. Actually it is easier for us to get a better price from the suppliers, because we have a better leverage with them, as we work with many suppliers, for many customer. - We do our best to facilitate your understanding of the local business, providing you a translator, for Italian or any other language you need. 


An importer can choose if buy directly from a supplier or if entrust his buying to a buying office. We want to show you why work with JP CONCEPT srl can be less expensive and more comfortable for you. 

- You save a lot of time, because we directly find the best source for your business, or anyway we make a selection of the suppliers interesting for you, avoiding you to visit in vain producers far from your needs. - We manage for you the logistic problems, not only concerning with the shipment, but also regarding negotiation, organization of trip and any other little detail which could make you waste a lot of time. - We make you save money, because we can have a better leverage with the suppliers in the negotiation. Thus we can get a better price than what you could obtain negotiating directly by yourself. - We pay the suppliers for you in advance: as soon as they deliver the goods to our warehouse, we fully pay the amount of your order. In this way you don’t have to handle many different single payment, but just a unique payment to us, once we have delivered the collected orders to you.