Roberto Pozzoli

Managing Director

Valentina Parisi

Office Manager

Alessia Circo

Buying Office & Logistics

Yasuyuki Nakayama
Sub Agent Japan

JP Concept team and its sub-agents

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Yue Lin 林跃

Back Office, Marketing

Paola Ferretti


Arch. Alberto Pozzoli

Design Director

Arch. Sun Yi 建筑师 孙懿

Brand Director

Alexandre Soloviev

Sub Agent Belarus, Baltic, Poland

Carlotta Zou 邹修玲

Sales Representative

Xiao Jing 肖靖

Sales Manager

Marco van Velsen

Strategic Consultant

Xiana Alessia Braccia

Area Manager

Michelle van Velsen

Back Office

Riccardo Pozzoli

Area Manager

Giulio Cazzaniga
Area Manager


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