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The 1970s was a wild and limitless era, innocent yet faithful, an era that embodies freedom, spontaneity, independence and inventiveness, and Baxter's 2023 new products are exactly inspired by the immaginative 70s.

The 2023 new products feature soft organic shapes, bright colors, and bold material contrasts. They are a tribute to the 70s design trend, to the pop art pioneer Andy Warhol, to the Majorelle blue adored by Saint Laurent, and to the glittering atmosphere of Studio 54. Now let us take you through Baxter's 70s rhapsody.

1. Sofas

Jo sofa: The Jo sofa designed by Draga & Aurel recalls the iconic lines and materialsof the 1970s. This sofa has an elegant retro touch to it, and the special design of the backrest demonstrates a spontaneous and relaxed feeling.

Juliette Sofa: This sofa designed by Christophe Delcourt is essential and cozy, almost with a sense of cubism, coupled with the modular design, almost gives this product a tesseract-like charm. Being always ready to reinvent itself, Juliette gives the user's emotions and experience the most flexible expression.

Miami Soft Sofa: Miami Soft by Paola Navone has a skin-like soft touch, elegant but not overly formal. It allows people to leave out all the hustling and to calm down and enjoy the beauty of harmony. This year, Miami Soft collection widens transversally with new modules for the sofathat allow for further compositions and forms of relaxation.

Chester Moon Sofa: Designed by Paola Navone, Chester Moon has added an acquamarine finish this year. It is a perfect blend of the retro bold color craze of the 70s and the history of craftsmanship reresented by this sofa.

2. Beds

Clara Bed: The Clara bed designed by Christophe Delcourt continues the elegant, sinuous and low-key curves of the Clara sofa, with the ends of the headboard curving slightly inwards, as if to embrace the person in the bed. Its design gives the space more emotion and warmth, and almost forms an organic entwined relationship between furniture and people.

Miami Soft Bed: Inheriting the soft and elegant style of Miami Sofa, the Miami Soft Bed is distinguished by the characteristic presence of the soft rollersin the headboard, which can be raised or lowered as needed. After a day's hustle and bustle, nothing is more relaxing than resting your head gently on the soft roller.

3. Chairs

Jodie Chair and Elli Chair: These two pieces designed by Christophe Delcourt are inspired by the Palaver chair (traditional African aristocratic furniture) popular in the 70s. The relaxed and comfortable shape, curved design lines, enhanced by Baxter's unique leather finish and itscountless colours, exudes an architectural elegance and refinement.

Clotilde Chair: The Clotilde chair by Roberto Lazzeroni has a light but decisive style, inspired by chairs from the 50s to 70s. It has a backrest that extends to act as armrests, breaking the shape of the traditional chair backrest, presenting an innovative design idea.

So Far & So Good chairs: The name of the two chairs together remind us of the positive vibes of the 70s. The two chairs have an oversized chrome tubular structure and the soft leather part, as if only gently resting on it, brings about a retro flavor and at the same time a great sense of relaxation, as if you can see the 70s artists lazily sitting on it, rolling the tobacco in their hands, and chatting with their friends about the latest exhibitions and concerts.

Miss Rope Chair: This highly stylish chair by StudioPepe rediscovers the artisanalvalue of rope weaving, inspired by the chairs of tribal chiefs, exuding a strong sense of primitive power. The Miss Rope chair represents the faith of the 70s that has washed away all the superficial, as well as the poetic calmness and pride.

4. Tables

Kate Table: The Kate Table by Christophe Delcourt is an ode to marble. The design of the table base challenges the material, creating a fabric-like lightness, together with the black and white texture of Grand Antique D'Aubert marble, the whole piece looks elegant and bold.

Joni Stone desk: Christophe Delcourt's Joni Stone desk is a wonderful combination of nostalgia and futurism. Abandoning the boring, stereotypical and serious form of traditional desks, it has created a balanced contrast of "empty" and "full" with the drawer cabinet under the top and the space next to it, and this year, a new matte Polar White marble finish has been added to enhance the modernity.

Isamu table: Roberto Lazzeroni's design ingenuity, combined with Italian craftsmanship, gives Isamu a special sense of lightness. The way the legs fit into the top, looking as one single entity, is very intriguing.

Jupiter table: Studio Pepe's Jupiter table has a hexagonal top with a cylindrical leg, a large geometric collision of shapes beloved of the 70s, and the new silver travertine table top enriches the choice of finishes. When paired with upholstered armchairs, it creates a unique effect of contrast between the rigid and the soft.

5. Coffee Tables

Dune coffee table: Draga&Aurel's Dune coffee table is full of experimentation and playfulness, with sinuous and soft lines given by the movement of a single fibreglass ribbon, framing the transient and dynamic flow in the space.

Tebe coffee table: Tebe coffee table is a Baxter classic with the perfect balance between retro and modern, art and architecture. This year's new honey onyx finish has a charming warm tone, reflecting the old dream of the golden years of the 70s.

6. Lights

Nuvola floor lamp: Draga&Aurel's design Nuvola collection is enriched this year by the new Nhvola floor lamp. The light and shadow sway in the sinuous curve, like the beauty of clouds falling to earth, lighting up the space between the reality and the immagination.

Wave hanging lamp: inspired by the light, essential and harmonious aesthetics of Tibetan bridges, the Wave lamp is born from the encounter between a leather-covered band and aseries of faceted glass cylinders. It decorates the space with the precious effect of a pearl necklace floating in the air, delicate and elegant.

7. Others

Mr Hide Screen: Like the Miss Rope chair, this screen is also a tribute to the art of rope weaving. It can serve as a space divider or simply as decoration to enhance the architectural beauty in a space.

Aran rug: This collection of rugs are handmade in Nepal, woven from a mixture of hemp and viscose. The pattern of the rug resembles a river flowing through the earth, recalling the free spirit of the 70s.

Here we introduced Baxter's new 2023 products for the interior, but Baxter is never just about a particular piece or a collection. For Baxter, every space is a world, a symphony of materials, sense of touch, appearance and aesthetic desires. The space is not carved out as rigidly as in a mold, but rather the furniture and objects placed in it speak to the personality and soul of that space.

Baxter's new products this year are inspired by the 70s, and behind these new products, there are also many stories about culture, design and art worth digging into, such as Andy Warhol's pop art, Corbusier and Gae Aulenti's architecture, 54 Studio's shiny atmosphere, Saint Laurent's Majorelle Garden in Marrakech... They give furniture pieces more rich emotions and vitality, and in the following articles, we will explore them together.

Organizer: JP Concept China
Producer: Yi
Editor: Xinwei
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